Our Simi Valley dentist practices Biomimetic Dentistry - which literally translates to "mimic life." This type of dentistry aims to study and replicate the natural properties of teeth. Biomimetic dentistry treats weak, fractured, and decayed teeth in a way that restores strength and seals the teeth from the invasion of bacteria. It reduces the need for cutting down healthy tooth structure for crowns and helps prevent root canal treatments. Biomimetic dentistry is conservative- by only replacing what is damaged, and strong - by replicating nature's original design.

Biomimetic Dentistry is the most natural and logical conept to restoring your teeth

Biomimetic Dentistry is the art & science of restoring teeth to natural beauty, form, & function.Through Nature and Evolution, your teeth have endured the test of time. In fact, teeth are designed so well that they have remained unchanged for over 400,000 years. Your teeth are designed to last a lifetime, and with proper care and attention this can be a reality. When your teeth become damaged or decayed, it should be logical for restorations to imitate the function, strength, and esthetics of natural teeth.
Biomimetic Dentistry is powered by advanced adhesive restorative techniques All too frequently, fillings are treated as a patch to a small or medium sized problem. Often times very little time is spent on fillings because of the assumption that the fillings will eventually need to be replaced with crowns or onlay restorations. In Biomimetic dentistry, a filling is a final restoration. When a filling is the treatment of choice, it is viewed as the first and final intervention. All of the care and attention to detail you would expect of a permanent restoration is placed into your filling. A filling is not "just a filling," and with a quality biomimetic filling it is possible to be a long lasting restoration with no expectation of replacement or future treatment. With this in mind, the form and function of a biomimetic filling replicates that of your natural teeth. Once significant damage has been done to a tooth, a crown is the restoration of choice in traditional dentistry. Crowns result in over 70% reduction of your original tooth structure. This can lead to sensitivity, root canals, and fractures. With Biomimetic dentistry, only the damage and decay is removed, and your final restoration is bonded to your remaining healthy natural tooth structure. These bonded porcelain restorations are commonly referred to as inlay or onlay restorations. There is no extra removal of healthy structures to fit a crown and the result is a conservative and strong final restoration. In many instances, crowns and root canals can be completely avoided with these principles.

The Restorative Dental Cycle

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Modern Education Biomimetic dentistry is an emphasis of modern dental education, and is recognized as the greatest advancement in dentistry for the 21st century. Dr. Matt teaches biomimetic dentistry at USC, both clinically and pre-clinically (learn more). Additionally, he provides continued education and training to hundreds of dentists from around the world (BiomimeticDentistryCE.com).The shift towards Biomimetic dentistry at USC occured nearly a decade ago, with a majority of treatment delivered at the USC clinic following the principles of Biomimetc Dentistry. Biomimetic dentistry is one of the core "Centers of Excellence" at USC Dental School.

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Standard filling VS. Biomimetic Filling

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