With so many dentists in town, why choose us?
Explore the many advantages our Simi Valley dental office has to offer. From beautiful scenic views to seeing one patient at a time, we do our best to make your visit as comfortable as possible.

  • We see one patient at a time

  • State of the art technology

  • Relaxing views

  • Personalized and attentive care

  • USC faculty

  • Tooth conserving treatments

  • Minimize Root Canals and Crowns

  • Expert in Biomimetic Dentistry

We See One Patient at a Time

Rest assured, when you schedule an appointment at our office in Simi Valley, you will have our undivided attention. Every appointment is scheduled for one patient at a time so that there is no rushed care or distractions.

State of the Art Dental Technology

We take pride in keeping up with all of the latest technology so our patients can reap the benefits. From the latest digital x-rays to state-of-the-art materials, our patients find comfort knowing that they we continue to use the best technology available.

Relaxing Views

Take a break from the hectic Southern California lifestyle and enjoy our relaxing views. We know that for some, going to the dentist can be a little stressful. The views from our office, along with our staff's comforting demeanor help make your dental visit as comfortable as possible.

Personalized and Attentive Dental Care

Every dental patient is different, and we understand. Unlike many other offices that treat every patient the same, we take the necessary time to ask questions to find out how we are going to reach your dental goals.

USC Ostrow School of Dentistry Faculty

When Dr. Nejad isn't practicing dentistry, he is teaching the brightest dental students at University of Southern California's renowned Ostrow School of Dentistry. Dr. Nejad takes pride in changing dentistry for the better by empowering young students to succeed in their dental careers.

Tooth Conserving Treatments

One thing that makes our office so much different is that we do everything we can to preserve the healthy tooth structure that you have.

Minimize Root Canals and Crowns

Experts agree: Root canals and crowns should be used to restore teeth as sparingly as possible. Both of these treatments have shown to perpetuate the "tooth cycle of death".

Expert in Biomimetic Dentistry

Biomimetic translates to: "lifelike copy". Dr. Nejad is a renowned expert in Biomimetic dentistry, having taught students and other dentists from around the world techniques that have saved thousands of smiles.